Website for East End’s dumped mattresses gets 50 hits—so far

A website set up to report mattresses dumped on the streets of London’s East End has had more than 50 hits in its first month.

The website was started by Tower Hamlets Opposition councillors to map the ‘blight’ across the East End and put pressure on the independent mayor not to bring in bulk waste collection charges.

Labour backbenchers won a vote for a feasibility study to introduce a free mattress recycling service instead, following a similar move by Lewisham Council which collects and recycles 9,000 mattresses each year.

But today they claimed they’ve had no response from the Town Hall administration to take up the idea.

Labour’s Environment spokesperson Shiria Khatun said: “We proposed a simple solution to the dumped mattresses that blight our streets and are a health risk—yet we’ve had no response from the Mayor.”

The councillors have been campaigning against charges introduced earlier this year for bulk waste collection and pest treatment and against cleansing rounds being slashed.

The website to report dumped mattresses is: