‘Where do we live?’ Households in Poplar puzzled by street name swap

Furious professionaks and residents angry at the 'rogue' street sign in Morris Road: Isabella Cant-K

Furious professionaks and residents angry at the 'rogue' street sign in Morris Road: Isabella Cant-Kaleta (far left) with Ben Pinsent, Sharon Charles, Oliver Lewis, Anna-Maria Mignano, Darren Tierney and Jeremy Hall - Credit: Archant

Town Hall officials have made a gaff over changing the name of 300 yards of street the wrong side of a canal bridge.

It has led to a wave of protest over the Limehouse Cut boundary being wiped from the map by Tower Hamlets Council over where Morris Road E14 ends and where Violet Road E3 begins.

A road sign saying “Violet Road E14” suddenly appeared on the south side of the canal bridge in Morris Road because the Town hall thought Violent Road in Bromley-by-Bow should end at the corner of Borchester Street in Poplar.

Confused? You will be.

Businesses and residents in the Coleman’s Wharf complex at 45 Morris Road, the former Spratt’s biscuit factory, weren’t pleased.

“The council has really made a gaff,” said business consult Jeremy Hall. “My lease and the Land Registry says it’s ‘Morris Road’. Every map says ‘Morris Road’ except the one the council drew up.”

His neighbour, marketing consultant Annamaria Mignano, said: “We’d have to change mortgages, land deeds, and our bank accounts.

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“It’s obviously an error, but the council has become arrogant and says Barchester Street is the boundary.”

Musician Oliver Lewis said: “I’ve had people sending royalty cheques for 15 years to 45 Morris Road. There is already a 45 Violet Road which is going to cause problems.”

Travel company director Ben Pinsen said: “It’s causing a problem for our business communicating with suppliers and customers. It’s time and hassle for us.”

Royal Mail was equally puzzled when a local postman spotted the ‘Violet Road’ sign in Morris Road. Their spokesman said: “We knew nothing of this. We haven’t changed anything. It’s still Morris Road E14 as far as Royal Mail is concerned.”

The council’s Head of Building Control Martin Fahey apologised today to residents saying there had been “some misunderstanding” and promising arrangements “to have the offending ‘Violet Road’ sign removed.”

The Town Hall put it down to “an administrative error.”