Whistleblowers have 2 weeks left to expose Tower Hamlets malpractice after Rahman’s fall

Disgraced Tower Hamlets ex-Mayor Lutfur Rahman

Disgraced Tower Hamlets ex-Mayor Lutfur Rahman - Credit: Archant

An independent “clear up” team headed by a top civil servant has been set up to deal with any outstanding allegations of Town Hall dodgy dealings in London’s East End where disgraced mayor Lutfur Rahman was banned from office for malpractice.

Sir Ken Knight (right) chairing a Town Hall grants meeting in July 2016 with current Mayor John Bigg

Sir Ken Knight (right) chairing a Town Hall grants meeting in July 2016 with current Mayor John Biggs - Credit: Archant

It follows government commissioners sent in two years ago, headed by Sir Ken Knight (pictured), to check on the way Tower Hamlets council dished out grants from the public coffers and where the money went to.

Two weeks are left for residents or Town Hall whistleblowers to come forward with serious complaints about any issues between October, 2010, and June this year.

The council wants to improve its transparency following Rahman’s five-year administration which was slammed in the High Court last year for its secrecy and “bunker mentality” when he was banned from office for five years for election fraud and malpractice.

Now Civil servant James Richardson has been appointed as the troubled authority’s ‘Clear Up project manager’ to encourage anyone to come forward over matters of concern during the Rahman administration which have not yet been looked into.

'Cean up' team at Tower Hamlets Council

'Cean up' team at Tower Hamlets Council - Credit: Archant

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“We are seeking to protect where possible the anonymity of those who want to come forward,” Mr Richardson assured.

“This is a completely independent process. There is an opportunity for council staff as well as residents to raise specific concerns.”

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Allegations can be posted to Clear Up Team, Mulberry Place, Town Hall, 5 Clove Crescent, E14 2BG, emailed to clearupteam@towerhamlets.gov.uk or sent directly to the Commissioners at the Town Hall.

The deadline for raising outstanding issues is December 8, after which allegations have to go through the council’s own whistleblowing process or sent to individual ward councillors or to local MPs Jim Fitzpatrick and Rushanara Ali.

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