Woman protest at Whitechapel’s Altab Ali Park over Bangladesh attack

Whitechapel ‘human chain’ protest by women over attacks in Bangladesh

Whitechapel human chain protest by women over attacks in Bangladesh - Credit: Nari Diganta

A ‘human chain’ protest has been held by women in London’s East End over attacks on their rights in Bangladesh.

Campaigners gathered at the Martyrs monument at Whitechapel’s Altab Ali Park to form a ‘Manob Bandhon’ line to protest at the attack on Bangladesh TV journalist Nadia Sharmin, alleged to have been carried out by religious fundamentalists.

Speakers at yesterday’s rally condemned the assault, claiming extremists were causing a regression against women’s emancipation and “hell bent on turning Bangladesh into a Taliban state”.

They demanded safety and equal rights for women in Bangladesh and the arrest of those responsible for the attack on April 6.

The protest movement in east London’s Bengali community is demanding “justice” for the families of victims of the Bangladesh war of independence against West Pakistan more than 40 years ago.

The country has been hit by a wave of violence since November when a war crimes tribunal was set up to try those charged with crimes against humanity during the 1971 conflict. The violence has involved attacks on government officials, police and civilians, as well as looting, burning cars, trains, buses and property.