Women losing out in pension reforms, MP Rushanara Ali warns

Hundreds of women in London’s deprived East End are set to lose out as a result of government’s pension reforms, warns MP Rushanara Ali.

Some 400 women in the Bethnal Green & Bow constituency are among tens-of-thousands in Britain born in 1952 and 1953 who will not be eligible for the single tier pension because they are not due to retire till 2017—before the State pension reforms come into effect, she points out.

“Ministers have been caught red-handed hiding the truth about pension reforms,” the MP claimed. “Changes to State pensions have hit hard-working women time and again—these reforms are no different.

“It’s about time the government had the decency to be honest about who will lose out under their plans.”

The women will be nearly £2,000 worse off compared to men, Rushanara estimates. She has accused the government of failing to make clear the full consequences of State pension reforms.