ZAKIR KHAN (Conservative)

ZAKIR KHAN (Conservative)


ZAKIR KHAN (Conservative)

MY belief in the value of trust and hospitality drives everything I do. Benjamin Disraeli once said that "all power is a trust; that we are accountable for its exercise; that from the people, and for the people all springs, and all must exist." In Tower Hamlets, for too long this has been forgotten. We need a community that feels listened too, that trusts those elected to represent it and, above all, is united.

We Conservatives want to get this country moving again by working with you to deliver the change we need. Our economy is crippled by debt, our communities face enormous social challenges and our political system is in crisis. Only together can we face these problems, only together can we solve them: if we trust each other. We trust head-teachers know what is best for their school, we trust doctors know what is best for and we trust community groups to know what best serves their local needs. Our policies would channel resources directly to the front line rather than letting them get caught up in an endless cycle of bureaucracy.

We would cut waste to get the economy going again. People scoff at efficiency savings. Yet just look at the local situation: Labour Tower Hamlets Council spends over �1.3 million a year on an army of consultants. We would reform education and health. We want a new generation of independently-run good, small State schools so that our children are not forgotten in huge classes.

We believe in the NHS. We will increase spending on the NHS every year and ensure you have access to a GP in your area from 8am to 8pm seven days a week. People need to feel safe. Our police should not be trapped filling in forms, but be out on the streets tackling crime.

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Of course the police need to be accountable, but to the people they serve, not some 'top down' initiative set by government. We would provide detailed data about the crime in your area and give people the power to elect an individual to set the policing priorities for their area.

People need to trust those who serve them once again. We need Change that we can deliver together.


Zakir Khan (Conservative)