London Assembly calls on Mayor to tackle rising death on the roads

Cycle Superhighway

Cycle Superhighway - Credit: Getty Images

The London Assembly has today called on Boris Johnson to take action to tackle the rising toll of cyclists and pedestrians killed or seriously injured on the roads.

Cycling casualties rose by 18 per cent last year while pedestrian causalities increased by 15 per cent, the Assembly heard.

The figures come in the wake of the latest spate of fatalities with 13 cyclists killed in London so far this year—including three on east London’s SC2 cycleway along the busy A11 between Aldgate and the notorious Bow Roundabout, two of them within days of each other just last month.

Assembly Members voted today to ask the Mayor and Transport for London to report what actions are planned by next month to reduce accidents.

The Assembly’s Caroline Pidgeon said: “There is nothing inevitable about cycling and pedestrian collisions resulting in death or serious injury. Cyclists are three-and-a-half times more likely to be killed in Britain than in the Netherlands.

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“TfL must publish regular transparent data about collisions on London roads—only then will it be possible to tackle the causes.”

There were 14 cyclists killed and 657 seriously injured in London last year, the Assembly was told, while 69 pedestrians died and more than 1,000 were seriously injured.

The number of cyclists killed or seriously injured in Tower Hamlets, where the A11 slices through, rose by a-quarter in just 12 months—the third highest in London and well above the average.

The Assembly launched a public consultation survey last month on the controversial cycle routes in the wake of the rising death toll.

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It wants road users’ views on the routes, ready to quiz Boris Johnson’s cycling supremo Andrew Gilligan in public at City Hall on December 10.

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