London Assembly rejects any cuts to Crossrail plans

THE entire �16 billion Crossrail super tube’ project must be completed on time without any cuts to guarantee London’s future economic recovery, the London Assembly has insisted

By Mike Brooke

THE entire �16 billion Crossrail 'super Tube' project must be completed on time without any cuts to guarantee London's future economic recovery, the London Assembly has insisted.

A motion at yesterday's Mayor's Question Time warned that any proposals to axe the Abbey Wood branch through Canary Wharf or the Maidenhead branch, or to reduce the number of stations, could hamper that recovery.

Assembly member Val Shawcross told the meeting: "Cutting great chunks off Crossrail would be incredibly short-sighted.

"The Government should look at other ways of saving money. London's economy is on the road to recovery, but we need to invest in the transport to foster that growth."

Crossrail was also crucial for the whole country, Assembly members heard. London was the economic heart of Britain and the benefits Crossrail would bring to the City would soon be recouped by the Government in future tax revenues.

The motion passed unanimously called for Crossrail to be 'on track' to open by 2017, as currently proposed, linking the City and West End directly to Canary Wharf and Heathrow Airport, with extensions out to Shenfield, Abbey Wood and Maidenhead.

It gives full backing to the Mayor to lobby the Government to protect London's public transport in its Comprehensive Spending Review and make sure both Crossrail and modernising the Underground are completed on time.

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