London has four-in-10 of Britain’s TB cases, shock figures reveal

MORE cases of TB have been recorded in London than any other part of Britain, shock figures reveal. Four out of 10 are in London, where 3,415 cases were diagnosed last year

MORE cases of Tuberculosis have been recorded in London than any other part of Britain, shock figures released by health officials last night reveal.

Four out of every 10 are in London, where 3,415 were diagnosed last year, two per cent more than the year before.

They accounted for 39 per cent of all cases in the UK, with the most affected age group being 25 to 44.


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“It can be life threatening if undiagnosed,” said Dr Helen Maguire, a TB expert for the Health Protection Agency.

“We have seen consistently high rates in London over the past four years.

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“About one-in-four people with TB are infectious. Getting treatment reduces the chance of TB being passed on.”

TB is caused by air-bourn germs spread by a cough or sneeze from someone who is affected. It develops slowly usually takes several months for symptoms to appear, which include fever and night sweats, persistent coughing, losing weight and blood in phlegm or spit.

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