Lord Carey gets his East End birth certificate at Tower Hamlets Citizenship ceremony

Lord Carey presented with copy of his East End birth certificate

Lord Carey presented with copy of his East End birth certificate - Credit: THC

The former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey attended a Citizenship Ceremony in London’s East End where he was born.

Childrewn queuing for Clara Grant’s ‘Farthing Bundles’ in 1934 at Fern Street Settlement... the stre

Childrewn queuing for Clara Grants Farthing Bundles in 1934 at Fern Street Settlement... the street where Lord Carey was born - Credit: TH Archive

He arrived with his wife, Lady Carey, to present Cert?f?cates of Natural?sat?on to 28 new British citizens who had given the Oath of Loyalty to the Queen and her he?rs.

The oath now also includes Kate’s new baby Prince George of Cambridge, the newest in line to the throne.

Lord Carey was given a framed copy of his birth certificate by Tower Hamlets Registration Service, showing that he was born in Bow.

He was also presented with a picture of Clara Grant’s ‘Farthing Bundles’, helping children of poor families at the Fern Street Settlement, in the street where he was born.

The Registration Service supports 3,000 people every year to become new British citizens.

Catherine Sutton, Head of Tower Hamlets Registration and Citizenship, said: “Having dignitaries involved in the ceremony adds a special significance to the whole occasion. These ceremonies are the final step in a long and difficult journey for people and an important event in their lives.”

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Recent dignitaries at the events have included senior figures in the London F?re Br?gade, Metropolitan Pol?ce and the Ch?ef Yeoman Warder of the Tower of London, as well as serving and former military top brass. Many more are booked for future Citizenship events.

Clare Grant was a social reformer working among the East End’s poor in the 1930s who created lucky-dip ‘Farthing Budles’ of gifts for children.

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