Lord Sugar BBC apprentice Gabrielle Omar meet young people near Brick Lane

One of Lord Sugar’s TV apprentices shared her own experiences of school today ahead of the launch of a summer programme aimed at helping young people get job skills.

Gabrielle Omar, who was a top candidate in this year’s BBC One Apprentice, met young apprentices, aged 16-25 years, at the offices of Futureversity, the charity behind the programme, near Brick Lane.

The charity was established to help tackle crime among young people during the summer holiday and has piloted new approaches to out-of-school learning aimed at inspiring career choices. Participants can choose from courses in investment banking to sports coaching and magazine production.

Gabrielle said: “I was very shy and never had the confidence to present my work to a teacher, never mind present it to a whole load of people. That’s why the summer programme is so powerful because the courses can be a life-changing experience in reinforcing confidence, motivation and talent.”

Research by the charity shows 64 per cent, of a thousand youngsters in London questioned, believe employers and business are not positive towards helping them.

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