Debt helpline set up for low-pay workers in east London hit by lockdown to get ‘quids in’

Quids In drop-in centres run workshops on how to manage low incomes. Picture: Quids In

Quids In drop-in centres run workshops on how to manage low incomes. Picture: Quids In - Credit: Quids In

Low pay workers finding it hard making ends meet during the pandemic are being offered a money advice phone and email help-line in east London.

A not-for-profit organisation has launched its “Quids In London” scheme in Tower Hamlets and neighbouring Hackney and Newham, as well as Southwark across the river, to help those on poverty income who have got in debt during lockdown.

The organisation, Clean Slate Training & Employment, is targeting mainly social tenants and benefit claimants with its “Quids In” idea.

“There’s no silver bullet for dodging debt,” Clean Slate’s director Jeff Mitchell warned. “But there are some golden rules.

“We may all find that we need to continue to tighten our belts. It’s about finding ways to spend less, save more, borrow less and bring in more money.”

The organisation has launched its a Corona-finance service for low pay workers who have been struggling the most during lockdown, especially those on zero hours contracts who don’t get paid if they’re off sick or self-isolated.

The new Quids In service gives advice on the phone and personalised emails with compassion and without judgement. It also has drop-in centres that run workshops on how to manage on low pay.

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