Mary Portas targets Roman Road in new Channel 4 series

High Street guru Mary Portas was in Roman Road this week working on her latest project in which she aims to revitalise the market.

The ‘Queen of shops’ has chosen Roman Road as one of three areas in which to help the regeneration process with a new TV series set to air on channel 4 early next year.

“Roman Road is a real melting pot, and we need to be able to serve all of those communities”, explained series producer Diene Tetterle.

“What Mary’s trying to do in the market is work to offer the people of Roman Road what they want. The idea is to kick start recovery and revitalisation of the area, and then the locals are the ones who can move it forwards.”

The project is separate from the government’s Portas Pilot project, under which members of Roman Road Town Team had previously applied for funding without success.

Mary is set to continue working in the area ahead of the series airing in the New Year.

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