Aldgate massage parlour loses licence after naked investigator is offered a ‘happy ending’

The China Five Elements massage parlour has lost its licence. Pic: Google.

The China Five Elements massage parlour has lost its licence. Pic: Google. - Credit: Archant

A naked investigator was offered a “happy ending” at a Aldgate spa as the theme tune from the movie Titanic played on repeat.

The China Five Elements massage parlour in Artillery Lane, is one of a string refused licences in crackdown on the alleged sale of “sexual services” in Tower Hamlets.

An undercover investigator hired by the council visited the spa after a tip-off from a surveillance company.

It found online reviews that suggested services such as “topless happy endings” were being offered for £40, a report says.

One review, from a “family man”, said his masseur offered him sexual services and he felt “violated” by the experience.

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The investigator said he was led to a room where an eastern European woman was waiting.

“The theme song from the film Titanic was playing on repeat during the massage,” he wrote in his report to the council.

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He claimed the woman “touched my crotch area”.

He added: “The female asked if I wanted anything more than a massage. She said a ‘happy ending’ was £40, ‘with breasts’ was £60 and ‘completely naked’ was £100. I refused.”

Company bosses were ordered to pay £1,836 in fines and costs after admitting breaching licensing conditions, at Stratford Magistrates’ court on September 28.

Tower Hamlets council last week denied China Five Elements a renewal of its special treatment licence, meaning it cannot operate as a massage parlour. Two other parlours in Canary Wharf were also refused licences.

The companies have until the end of December to appeal.

China Five Elements boss Wei Lin told the licensing committee he has insisted his staff “follow the council rules” and if they break them they will be fired.

Residents and councillors have campaigned over the last year for an investigation to be launched into their fears that massage parlours and spas in the borough are offering sexual services.

In September Health One in Middlesex Street, Aldgate, lost its licence after a masseuse allegedly told an undercover investigator she wanted a man to “throw me on the bed and whip me when I’m bad” before offering him a “sexy massage”.

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