Mayor Lutfur Rahman uses taxes we all pay for when he has a car

Dear Ed... Lutfur Rahman has charged the residents of Britain’s poorest borough �2,191.04 on taxi fares up to the end of February since his election in October as Executive Mayor of Tower Hamlets, according to information received from an enquiry.

Enquiries from council members show that Mayor Rahman, his deputy and two other leading members have racked up substantial taxi fares.

Black cabs have regularly been seen outside council offices with ‘Lutfur Rahman’ written on card and placed in windscreens.

Mayor Rahman is paid �65,000 a year and owns a very smart car which he regularly used and parked at the town hall.

I have asked for further details of both hiring and journeys and how much has been paid to taxis to wait outside of buildings.

It is ridiculous for members of the administration driving around in taxis when they have cars and the right to park in both residents bays and civic buildings anywhere in Tower Hamlets.

For a local authority which constantly complains about cuts and has reserves of �68 million, why is the leadership wasting this money on taxi fares?

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Cllr Peter Golds

Leader of Conservative Group

Tower Hamlets Council

Town Hall


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