Ignoring the committee system

Oppostion Cllr Andrew Wood pusing for alternative choices on referendum ballot paper. Picrture: Mike

We are not being offered all options in referendum according to Cllr Andrew Wood - Credit: Mike Brooke

On May 6, 2021 in Tower Hamlets we will have a referendum on how to govern ourselves.
It will be a repeat of the same referendum we had in May 2010 when 60 per cent of you voted to try the new mayoral system, where you directly elect the leader. You rejected then the former system of leader and cabinet where councillors elect the leader. 
But there was another choice available next May, the committee system, where power and responsibility are shared more widely among councillors, not just a single all-powerful leader. 
Newham residents next May in their referendum have the committee system as one of two choices. 
But in Tower Hamlets the Labour councillors decided in a secret meeting, without any public debate and contrary to a public petition, not to give you that choice. 
For some reason they like having powerful leaders and making decisions in secret.

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