Met Police launch website in hunt for wanted suspects

POLICE are turning to the worldwide web to help catch London’s dangerous villains. The Met have launched a website to help track down offenders who’ve slipped the net

By Mike Brooke

POLICE are turning to the worldwide web to help catch London's dangerous villains.

The Met Police have launched a website with the Crimestoppers crime-fighting charity today (Mon) to help track down offenders who've slipped the net.

The new website, London's Most Wanted, seeks public help in London as well as around Britain and abroad, to trace suspects wanted for serious crimes who have evaded capture.

Met Police Deputy Commissioner Tim Godwin said: "We will always need the public's help. This new website is a web tool that everyone can use to help get these criminals off our streets."

The website carries more information which allows search categories by crime, type and location.

Crimestoppers' founder Lord Ashcroft said: "This information is vital in helping police capture criminals so they can face justice."

His Crimestoppers charity is thought to be responsible for 21 suspects arrested and charged

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every day across Britain, as a result of its anonymous tips 'hotline' on 0800-555111. One person every nine days is charged with murder as a result.