Mexicans sailing up Thames balancing on Tall Ship’s mast playing music

Mexican Navy's Tall Ship arrives at Canary Wharf

Mexican Navy's Tall Ship arrives at Canary Wharf - Credit: Canal Trust

Mexicans have sailed up the Thames balancing precariously on the mast of a Tall Ship while playing loud music.

The Mexican Navy training vessel is on a goodwill mission to London and is currently docking at the Millwall Docks in Canary Wharf.

Members of the Canal & Rivers Trust which looks after Britain’s waterways are greeting the Mexican crew on board at present.

“Standing on the masts is a traditional thing,” explained a Canal Trust official. “I’m not sure I’d be so keen to do it today, with the thunder and lightning about!”

The vessel has been manoeuvring to enter West India Dock where it is being berthed.

The visit comes two days ahead of Thursday’s arrival at the same dock by the US Coastguard cutter Eagle.

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