Missiles can now been seen pointing away from residential quarter in Bow

Missiles aimed at protecting the London Olympics against a 9/11 style terrorist attack can now been seen pointing outwards from a water tower in Bow.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence this week confirmed that surface-to-air missiles have been stationed at Bow Quater, a gated residential complex on Fairfield Road.

He would not be drawn on how many solders are guarding the missiles but said they are watching the equipment, at the former Bryant and May match stick factory, around the clock.

He said: “A small group of personnel is manning the equipment. There are also police officers at the side of the building.”

The missiles will be in place for the duration of the Olympics but a decision on whether they will remain in place during the Paralympic Games has not yet been made, he said.

“It will depend on the perceived threat at the time,” he said.

The MoD announced plans earlier in the year to place high velocity missiles at six missile sites around London.

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Typhoon fast jets and navy helicopter carrying snipers, from the Royal marines, whose job it will be to shoot aircraft pilots, who refuse to turn back from the Olympic Park, also form part of the Olympic missile ring.

Campaigners against the missiles plans for Bow Quarter gave up mounting a legal challenge after residents in Leytonstone failed in their High Court bid against similar plans.