MP Jim Fitzpatrick becomes Limehouse Nursery school milk monitor

MP Jim Fitzpatrick

MP Jim Fitzpatrick - Credit: Archant

MP Jim Fitzpatrick is making a splash as a milk monitor for a morning at a kids’ nursery in London’s East End.

Milk Day for kids

Milk Day for kids - Credit: Archant

He hands out the cartons to the tots at Limehouse Nursery, in his constituency, as part of World School Milk Day on September 25.

A million pint-sized kids under five get daily free milk in Britain, consumed as a classroom group to nurture a sense of responsibility, independence, manners and numeracy, while also giving social time in a child’s day.

The Limehouse nursery joins hundreds of schools up and down the country for School Milk Day to encourage kids to drink the white stuff for strong teeth and bones.

But MP Jim is making no bones about it—he’s handing out milk to make sure they get their day’s nutrition.