MP Rushanara Ali raises constituents’ fears over pork DNA in halal meat

Bethnal Green & Bow MP Rushanara Ali

Bethnal Green & Bow MP Rushanara Ali - Credit: Olivia Harris

Fears over pork DNA in halal meat have been raised in Parliament by MP for Bethnal Green and Bow Rushanara Ali.

She expressed concerns raised by her constituents after the DNA was found in halal meat served in schools in Westminster.

“As pork is strictly prohibited under Islamic law and a high proportion of Tower Hamlets’ population is of Muslim faith, it is a pressing concern for my constituents”, she said.

“It is critical that halal meat contractors to schools across the UK be put through vigorous examination to ensure that they are complying with halal meat standards.”

Ms Ali added that there was no suggestion that any pork DNA had been found in meat served in Tower Hamlets schools.

The council said it had investigated the meat served in its schools to ensure it is free from horse meat or pork.