Muslims concerned after pork DNA found in Halal school meals

Muslim leaders in east London have expressed concern after the discovery of pork DNA in Halal sausages served in a primary school in Westminster.

In a statement released last week the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre, based in Whitechapel Road, said they were “deeply concerned” by the findings.

Under Islamic law, Muslims are forbidden from eating pork.

“As consumption of pork or meat that has not been slaughtered in accordance with their faith is strictly prohibited, there will be serious issues of concern and mistrust between Muslim parents and schools across London”, the statement read.

“We hope a resolution can be sought quickly and effectively as possible.”

The statement continued by emphasizing the need for a “rigorous and transparent” investigation.

Halal meat is served in schools across Tower Hamlets.

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A spokesperson for the borough’s council said it had investigated the meat served in its schools to ensure it is free from horse meat or pork.

He added: “We will continue to closely monitor the situation and take whatever action is necessary to ensure that the food served in our schools is the best it can be.”

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