Muslims urged to open their doors to neighbours in faith project

An Islamic group is encouraging Muslims to open up their homes to their non-Muslims neighbours as part of a fortnight of events to bring the community closer together.

Barbeques, walks, and volunteering in soup kitchens are also initiatives the Islamic Forum of Europe is hoping will promote better relations between different ethnic and religious groups in the East End.

It is launching the ‘My Neighbours Project’ in Toynbee Hall, Aldgate on Monday, with faith and community leaders speaking about the scheme.

Various events will take place around the country.

IFE president Musleh Faradhi said he hopes the project will provide a “spark” to help unite different communities.

He added: “Whilst individuals are more ‘connected’ than ever, thanks to the rise of the internet and mobile communications, we often find ourselves strangers to our own neighbours.

“We all share the same streets, schools and shops and it is our duty as British Muslims to recognise our common interests and ensure the good welfare of our communities.”

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A number of inter-faith talks are taking place next week as part of the project.

On Monday there will be a talk at Latimer Church, in Ernest Street, Stepney and on Wednesday another will take place at the London Buddhist Centre in Roman Road, Bethnal Green.