BBC Radio 2 listeners were left confused earlier this morning (February 28) when Vernon Kay’s show was interrupted with complete silence.

Some even asked “have you tried turning it off and back on again?” during the technical issue.

It seems the Bolton-born presenter's usual morning slot went off air for a short while and after total radio silence, fans noticed the “emergency tapes” began to play.

In an audio clip shared by TV critic and broadcaster Scott Bryan, Vernon can be heard saying “When The Sun Goes Down reached number one in January…” before being abruptly cut off.

However, the I’m A Celebrity star has now confirmed BBC Radio 2’s system crashed and it had to be rebooted.

BBC Radio 2 listeners ask 'what’s happening?' as Vernon Kay's show falls off air

Those who were listening along to Vernon’s show took to X, formerly Twitter to share their concerns.

One fan posted: “Can’t wait to hear why Radio 2 has fallen off air. Emergency tape is now two songs in.”

Someone asked: “Did Radio 2 just go off air during 10 to the Top?”

This person wrote: “What’s happening at radio 2?”

Another quizzed: “Radio 2, you ok hun?”

A listener thought it could have been something serious, saying: “Radio 2 falls off the air and emergency music tape is playing. Has someone just died?”

In the moment of panic, one account tweeted: “Radio 2 is down. I repeat Radio 2 is down. Who do we call?”

Vernon took over from Ken Bruce on the BBC Radio 2 mid-morning slot back in May last year.

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During his first show, he reassured loyal listeners there wouldn't be changes to the music playlist, saying: “That’s what makes Radio 2 so special.

“It is the music and is the playlist and we’re going to stick with what we know best.

“There might be a few tweaks, you know, here and there, a couple more tunes with guitars in, but on the whole everything’s gonna stay as it is.”

Ken had presented the programme for three decades but has since begun a new show on Greatest Hits Radio, taking his popular music radio quiz PopMaster with him.