Ned Boulting signs book at Canary Wharf on Britain’s cycling obsession

Ned Bouting

Ned Bouting - Credit: CWG

Ned Boulting has noticed since becoming TV’s quintessential roving reporter that bikes are everywhere nowadays.

Ned Boulting's 'On the Road Bike'

Ned Boulting's 'On the Road Bike' - Credit: CWG

He wanted to know how Britain became obsessed with biking and set about finding out.

Now he is revealing how it happened in a book and is signing copies at its launch in Canary Wharf next month—the day cycling’s Tour series comes to east London.

His research put him in contact with some of the idiosyncratic riders who have contributed to the nation’s cycling history, a journey that takes him to events all over the country.

The characters he meets include Spandau Ballet’s Gary Kemp, ex-London Mayor Ken Livingstone and cycle champions such as six-times Track World gold medalist Bradley Wiggins, 1992 Olympic gold medallist Chris Boardman, 2007 National Time Trial winner David Millar (and Millar’s mum) and both Tommy Godwins who raced in the 1950s and 60s.

Ned, who won the 2006 Royal Television Society’s ‘Sports Reporter of the Year’ award, presents ITV’s Tour of Britain and contributes live coverage of the Tour de France.

He signs copies of ‘On The Road Bike’ at Canary Wharf’s Jubilee Place Shopping Mall from 12.30pm on June 6, while covering cycling’s Tour series.