Nepalese charity ‘cuts some rug’ at Spitalfields market

A four-day festival in Spitalfields brought the fashions and designs of Nepal to visitors from October 28 to 31 while raising money for a Nepalese school.

The Comolongmo Fair Trade Fair at the Spitalfields Traders Market in Brushfield Street allowed over 50 fair trade producers, including seven from Nepal, to sell handmade rugs, pashminas, jewellery and Christmas cards and decorations.

Comolongmo is a fair trade company based in Plaistow which raises money for the Kumbeshwar Technical School in Kathmandu, Nepal which helps more than 5000 underprivileged families.

Organiser Kabindra Khadga, 49, who founded the school in 1983, estimated that 20,000 visitors passed through the fair and �2000 had been raised.

He said: “It was a phenomenal success.

“It created a lot of enthusiasm and awareness of fair trade and the producers that we have in Nepal.

“We help a small community in Kathmandu and now the school takes 200 children and every child gets seven to eight years of education.”

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Children from the Royal Docks Community School in Prince Regent Lane and the Bow School of Maths and Computing in Paton Close provided designs for some of Comolongmo’s rugs.

There was also a performance from the Sangeet Sutra band.

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