New CityHawk app makes Tower Hamlets dining a doddle

Gone are the days of scouring cumbersome online review sites from your mobile as CityHawk, a new generation of restaurant booking, is set to become the new best friend for Tower Hamlets’ food lovers.

The Parlour, in Canary Wharf, Floripa, in Shoreditch and Sri Thong in Hoxton are some of the Tower Hamlets restaurants already on CityHawk.

The app presents a shortlist of hand-picked nearby restaurants from well known favourites to hidden gems that might be just around the corner, all with real-time availability.

Individually tailored to each user, CityHawk is ‘intelligent’, learning from previous bookings, personal tastes, and location data to refine and present the most suitable restaurants.

Totally free for diners, with restaurants ready to book in just three easy taps, CityHawk is set to become Londoners’ new best friend.

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Download the app on iTunes and Android.

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