The ‘worst pub in London’ could reopen a year after it closed

The Angel and Crown pub is in Bethnal Green. Pic: Google

The Angel and Crown pub is in Bethnal Green. Pic: Google - Credit: Archant

A pub once branded the “worst in the London” could reopen a year after it was closed down by hundreds of neighbour complaints.

The Angel and Crown in Roman Road, Bethnal Green, shut in February 2018 when former landlord Stephen Baldwin put it on the market because he couldn't "be bothered anymore" with grievances from the nearby flats.

Surrounding residents had complained about fighting, noise, public urination and alleged "excessive" drug taking by patrons.

But a new landlady has committed to turning the East End business around.

A licensing application has been submitted to Tower Hamlets Council by chartered accountant Melise Keogh who said she wants to reopen the bar for "the local community to share a warm and inviting space to socialise, eat and drink in".

She has already set up a website for the new Angel and Crown with the tagline: "Same name, different experience".

However dozens of residents have complained about the plans, which will be decided on next Tuesday.

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One said: "We strongly oppose to granting any alcohol license [for this] premise. Nobody wants to have the worst pub [in London] in their local area."

A resident who lives in a flat by the pub said: "We are entitled to a safe route to where we live, as well as peace and quiet during the evenings - especially on weekdays when we work. I believe this pub would affect our safety and be a nuisance to all residents."

Others brought up the bar having its licence reviewed and the opening hours scaled back in November 2017 after numerous residents witnessed "laughing gas being inhaled, cannabis being smoked and powder being snorted on the back of hands" by customers outside.

One man, who got in a fight with a patron who allegedly stole his pizza delivery, said at the time: "Out of all the pubs in London I have been to, The Angel and Crown is by far the worst."

However, Miss Keogh has promised a family friendly environment that will close by midnight. She has also collected dozens of signatures in support of her proposal.

In documents submitted to the council, she said: "Due to the previous operators failing to meet the licensing objectives relating to the prevention of crime and disorder the licence was reviewed and the opening hours were restricted. It is a shame to see this.

"The pub has been in existence in the same stretch of road since 1889 and until recent years had served the community without issue. With several other local pubs having closed in the area, I believe there is a need in the neighbourhood for a pub to serve the community."