Newham Police Borough Commander on crime figures going down and public confidence up


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I am very pleased to report that in the past year total crime in Newham has decreased by eight per cent compared with last year.

This means 2,800 less victims, a figure I am very proud of. Newham Police’s overall confidence and satisfaction in policing ‘score’ has also risen from 69 per cent to 81.

In recent years Met officers have very much changed the way we deal with those we encounter and we are now more focused than ever on helping and supporting victims of crime.

Every month each borough is ranked on how confident members of the public are in policing and how satisfied they are with the service provided.

The Met is marked by an independent organisation which contacts victims of crime and asks them several key questions about their interactions with police.

For example – how easy it was to contact us; whether we provided practical help and support, and how we followed up with victim care after the incident.

Here at Newham we have been working really hard over the past 12 months to improve the way our victims of crime feel about the service we have given them.

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My officers have had more training on treating victims according to their specific needs and the importance of staying in regular contact with someone until an investigation is finished or a case is closed.

We have been explaining what is happening and why, and being clear about what we hope to achieve out of an investigation.

We have had dedicated crime cars on patrol, staffed by a detective and a crime scene manager (forensic expert), so that our officers can immediately make all possible enquiries at the scene of a theft or break-in.

We now have victim care cards printed in the borough’s most used languages so that we can ensure people understand how the MPS works.

Another important way we have changed is in keeping you updated with our progress in investigations and making sure you have the contact details of the officer dealing with your case.

Both the reduction in crime and the increase in public confidence and satisfaction are significant achievements for us, and ones that we will continue to build on.

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