News International media circus causing “massive hassle” for Wapping residents

As the eyes of the world remain fixed on News International, East Enders living near the company’s Wapping base have experienced their own share of trouble – with parking.

Those whose homes back onto Thomas More Square, where Rupert Murdoch’s under-fire empire is based, complain they have had to deal with a constant stream of media vans and cars parking illegally outside the site.

Since the hacking scandal reached fever pitch earlier this month, Thomas More Street and Vaughan Way – both served by double yellow lines – have been blocked almost continuously, they say.

Frank Muldoon, who lives in Burr Close, just a few minutes walk from the News International offices, said: “Nobody is abiding by the rules. There are vans with satellite dishes and cars blocking the whole street and it’s a massive hassle to people who live here.

“A security guard for the building told me they’re not getting tickets. It’s clearly one rule for the plebs and another rule for them.”

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The media storm surrounding the conduct of journalists, media heads and members of the Metropolitan Police has barely waned since the closure of the News of the World was announced on July 7.

Tower Hamlets Council said it has issued 10 parking tickets in Thomas More Street in the last month and moved on more than a dozen vehicles.

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A spokesman added: “We received a complaint about illegal parking at Thomas Moore Street two weeks ago and officers have been visiting the area each day to monitor the situation and take appropriate action.

“A Parking Enforcement Manager is also assessing the situation and will review the restriction in the street if necessary.”

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