No green spaces on estate will be touched in Swan plans

Dear Ed, NONE of the green spaces between the blocks of flats on the Exmouth Estate will be touched in Swan Housing’s redevelopment. The plan is to landscape these areas

Dear Ed,

NONE of the green spaces between the blocks of flats on the Exmouth Estate in Stepney will be touched in Swan Housing's redevelopment (Advertiser website letters, March 23).

In fact, the plan is to landscape these areas. When all the works are completed, there will be 13 existing newly-landscaped areas carried out in consultation with the residents. Swan Housing has confirmed it will plant more trees than will be lost.

It is completely inaccurate to claim Swan intends to fell 40 mature trees. What will happen is that with good arboreal management there would be a thinning of the trees along the Commercial Road frontage. The new trees planted will be more appropriate for the environment.

Mr Jobber claims 100 new flats are planned, bringing an extra 200-300 people onto the estate. This is pure supposition.

Swan hope to build 90 flats, a good number of which will be accommodation for large families, sorely needed on this estate.

Mr Jobber claims that all the new flats will be in six-storey high blocks. This is untrue. Yes, there will be some of six storeys, the same height as existing adjacent blocks. The rest will only be four storeys to fit in with existing buildings.

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As misleading information is being put through our letterboxes on a weekly basis, residents should realise that if they are worried they should speak to the Swan regeneration team when they will be given the facts.

The Exmouth Estate Resident Board has worked with Swan Housing and Tower Hamlets Council before tenants voted for Swan Housing and afterwards, to ensure this estate will be upgraded according to tenants' wishes as outlined in Swan's Offer Document. So far, Swan has adhered to the document and consulted tenants and leaseholders at open evenings, with regular newsletters and leaseholder surgeries.

All the amenities Mr Jobber refers to are more than 30 years old and need upgrading. Central to the proposals is to cut down anti-social behaviour which, no doubt, Mr Jobber, living in one of the worst affected areas, is fully aware of. Why would he not want better security for the residents living in this area?

Ellen Ferris

Ann Ahern

Exmouth Estate, Commercial Road, Stepney