Noisy drain keeps Bow resident up through the night

A sleep-deprived man is blaming Tower Hamlets council for failing to fix a noisy drain cover which he says is disturbing him throughout the night.

Douglas Carnegie, 80, and his wife Shirley, 77, have lived in their property in Tredegar Road, Bow, for 12 years, and have experienced problems in the past with noisy drain covers. Two years ago the council eventually came to fix the problem, which has re-surfaced in recent months.

Mr Carnegie claims he contacted the council on May 3, but they are yet to do anything to rectify the problem. He now says he is being woken several times a night by the noise as cars go over the drain cover.

“It’s like someone with a hammer banging on it every time a car goes over it, and it’s a very busy road. I just want someone from the council to come and fix it, so we can have some peace again.”

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