Now London’s traffic gets ‘green light’ to speed up

Drivers are spending 80,000 fewer hours in their vehicles every day in London—thanks to better-phased traffic lights.

Timing delay has been reduced on 1,700 signals so far which has speeded up traffic in the past two years by nearly seven per cent.

City Hall is using computer technology that allows signals to ‘adjust’ automatically according to the level of traffic volume.

Some traffic signals might even be ripped out altogether, the London Assembly has been told.

Boris Johnson’s traffic advisor Kulveer Ranger told the Assembly’s transport committee: “If the traffic lights are not required, they simply shouldn’t be there.”

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TfL found 145 locations where signals are needlessly holding up traffic and has already removed some of them. The move is a reversal of previous mayor Ken Livingstone’s declared policy of using traffic light phased delays to slow drivers and even discourage car use.

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