Now there are calls to ban smoking at London bus-stops!

BORIS Johnson has been asked to consider putting up no smoking’ signs at London bus shelters, which are not covered by legislation

By Mike Brooke

BORIS Johnson has been asked formally to consider putting up 'no smoking' signs at London bus shelters.

The mayor pointed out at the London Assembly that shelters aren't covered by legislation banning smoking in public.

But that didn't stop his namesake, Darren Johnson, firing a question anyway.

"Many Londoners are really unhappy about having to breathe in cigarette smoke at bus stops," he said.

"I accept there are no legal powers to prevent people smoking at shelters. But the Mayor has posters on buses and Underground trains urging people not to eat smelly food or put their feet on the seats.

"So he could have posters up at shelters urging them not to smoke."

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Notices were considered when the Law banning smoking in enclosed public places came in. But most bus shelters are not 'enclosed' so they're not included in the legislation, Boris replied in a written answer.

It would be "impossible to enforce any prohibition and would not be worthwhile to attempt it.