Olympic balloon released into the air by school pupils in Poplar is found in Belgium

An Olympic balloon released by students at a school in Poplar yesterday travelled as far as Belgium where it has picked up by a small boy.

Pupils at Langdon Park School released 750 balloons into the air as part of their own Olympics opening ceremony.

One of the balloons, which were tagged with the children’s names, was found by a family in the village of Langemark in West Flanders the same day.

The family emailed the school with a photo of them with the balloon.

Evelien Gadeyne, a nurse, said: “My four-year-old nephew Dylan loves balloons and air balloons, and was looking out for air balloons when he just found the balloon in our garden.”

Students, including some picked for the real Olympic Opening Ceremony, also put on dance and music performances, as part of yesterday’s event.

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