Olympic lanes already causing jams on roads—and it’s only just started

The controversial Olympic Route lanes are already jamming up the roads on their first morning, Transport for London has admitted.

Congestion is reported on key routes into London including the notorious A12 Blackwall Tunnel and the A13 in east London, as well as the A2, A3 and A40 elsewhere.

Later in the day, roads in Wembley are expected to be busy mid-morning because of the Torch Relay, while the A406 North Circular will bear the brunt in the evening peak, TfL predicts.

A warning about Olympics Route chaos was made yesterday by London Assembly Member John Biggs, who accused City Hall of giving in to IOC pressure for the lanes he says aren’t needed by athletes, most of whom are accommodated at the Olympics Park village, nor “the men in blazers” and is demanding to know why the lanes are needed up till midnight each day.

Drivers are being barred from using the Olympic lanes from 6am till midnight, with �130 fines if they park or stray into them.