On its 65th anniversary Cllr Sirajul Islam celebrates the NHS


- Credit: Archant

Sixty-five years ago a Labour government did something which changed this country immeasurably.

Recognising that Britain needed a health service that was available to everyone according to their need and regardless of their ability to pay, Clement Atlee’s government created the NHS.

As we celebrate its 65th birthday this month, I am inspired to see how the NHS remains an incredible institution and is rightfully one of Britain’s, and Labour’s, greatest achievements.

The pride with which the public regard the NHS is testament to its success, especially at a time when many similar public institutions have faced existential challenges.

The public rightly expect politicians to keep their focus on the current challenges facing our community but I believe we should also recognise and celebrate the public services we all rely upon.

The NHS is the Labour Party’s greatest achievement and I am proud to have a role in supporting it today. We created it, we saved it, we value it and we will always support it.

While at times we will all have our frustrations with the NHS, we will also all know someone who wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the dedication of those who work in the NHS.

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From my first trip to the doctor as a child, to the birth of my children many years later, the NHS has always been there for me.

My enduring memory of the NHS will be the care and compassion that the many excellent doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers and radiologists offered my eldest daughter during her battle against cancer.

I have no doubts about how the NHS has helped my family or why I will always support and love the NHS.

As we celebrate the 65th birthday of the National Health Service, we are asking residents to share the reasons why they love the NHS by tweeting using the #IlovetheNHS hashtag or by emailing messages of support at NHSat65@towerhamletslabour.org.uk