Osmani Primary School Hit The Headlines

A simple school trip for a Tower Hamlets school ended with them getting headlines in the national newspapers.

A simple school trip for a Tower Hamlets school ended with them grabbing the headlines in the national newspapers on Tuesday

The year one students attended the exhibition of the Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco as he happened to be their “focus artist”. The school felt giving the children first hand experience of a real-life artist would enrich their learning and for some it was their first visit to an art gallery.

The class were split into three groups of ten and one group headed of to see “The Empty Shoe Box”.

A journalist from the newspaper The Guardian who was also attending the exhibition was so impressed with the way the teacher was conducting her group, hearing her ask the group questions “what is the box made of” “what can it be used for” he asked if he could use that in his piece which appeared in the newspaper.

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