Panoramic tool provides insight into high street from Aldgate to Bow

East End panorama

East End panorama - Credit: Archant

An interactive tool charting the three-and-a-half mile stretch from Aldgate to Bow has been unveiled online.

Unveiled this spring, ‘Panorama High Street East’ allows people to get a guided tour through the East End on their computer screens.

A dedicated team of 30 volunteers each took responsibility for a 150 metre stretch, gathering information on the 500 buildings along the route.

The results provide an extraordinary insight into their history, character, and the changes they are undergoing.

The website has now gone live following more than a year of hard work – and the team has been left delighted with the results.

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Designer Aimée Daffarn said: “We’re really, really pleased. It was a hefty piece of work, both from design and research teams.

“We’ve had fantastic feedback from people who know that street and live and work on it, and enjoy exploring it and learning about the buildings.”

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The undertaking was pioneered by community and regeneration charity The Building Exploratory, with the aid of grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund. It was conceived as part of the High Street 2012 project which celebrated the stretch from Aldgate to Mile End in conjunction with the Olympics.

Aimée paid tribute to the volunteers who made the panorama possible, insisting it was a great way of involving people in documenting a historic time in the high street’s development.

“It was very much community-based”, she said. “We worked with local schools, and some people just came completely out of the blue.

“It was actually quite easy to recruit. They had to commit a lot of time to it researching every building in their stretch”, she added.

An exhibition displaying some of the hundreds of photos taken for the panorama ended on Friday, but you can explore the panorama at

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