Paralympic Games medals ahead of ticket sale

Medals for the London 2012 Paralympic Games medals were unveiled today �—a week before tickets for the Paralympic Games closes.

The medals designed by Jewellery artist Lin Cheung have gone on display at the British Museum giving the public their first opportunity to see the medals.

The image on the medals’ front is an imagined section of an outstretched wing of the Greek Goddess of Victory, depicted on the front of the Olympic medal since 2004.

On the back the medals show an area close to the heart of the Greek Goddess of Victory, chosen to reflect inclusion and togetherness at an historical event. The reverse is also overlaid with textural qualities moulded directly from the plaster cast of the Nike statue, by fifth century Greek sculptor Paionios, residing in the museums’s cast collection.

More than 2,100 Paralympic medals will be presented in 502 Paralympic victory ceremonies in more than 19 venues over 11 days of competition next year.

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