Parents confront Mayor over nursery closures at Town Hall meeting

Mayor Lutfur Rahman was called 'arrogant' by Ms Caley

Mayor Lutfur Rahman was called 'arrogant' by Ms Caley - Credit: Archant

Parents who use a nursery at risk of closure in a £100million Town Hall savings drive confronted the Mayor at this week’s cabinet meeting.

Queen Mary Day Nursery in Bow is one of four set to close if the plans go ahead.

Dionne Cayley, of Bow, who uses the nursery with her disabled two-year-old, said: “I found the man the most arrogant person I have ever spoken to. He looked through me like I wasn’t standing there.

“I asked him: ‘You close down our public nurseries. Would you close down our public schools and put them in the private sector as well?’

“He just smirked at me. He didn’t answer at all.”

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Mayor Lutfur Rahman said afterwards there was no time in the meeting to respond to questions not on the agenda. He said: “I absolutely do care about the issues involved, understand what people are going through and encourage them to continue to raise this with me.”

The parents hope to arrange a meeting with the Mayor to raise their concerns.

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A consultation on the plans was extended to October 19.

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