Parents left waiting for Victoria Park fences to protect children

Parents are still waiting for fences to be built in Victoria Park to protect their children – more than a year-and-a-half after calling for action.

Tower Hamlets Council pledged in February 2012 to build a fence after complaints about dog fouling and children wandering off and getting lost in the park.

A fence was built around the ‘V&A playground’ in Grove Road – but the larger ‘Pools playground’ was left unprotected throughout this summer.

Opposition Labour councillor Joshua Peck said the work was meant to be finished earlier this year, but had been postponed until after the summer.

“It was local parents campaigning to make these playground safe that finally forced the mayor to see sense,” he said.

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“They are bitterly disappointed that 18 months later the Pools Playground still has no fence and as a result has been covered in dogs mess throughout the hottest summer in a long time. The council needs to get its act together.”

A spokesman for the local authority blamed “technical issues” and staff restructures for the delay in completing the work, and said the work is due to be completed by Christmas.

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“The council ensures that the playgrounds are regularly inspected to maintain the safety and quality of the play spaces,” he added.

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