Passengers take a tumble at Liverpool Street—mostly Fridays, warns Network Rail

Hundreds of passengers have been involved in accidents at railway stations on the Anglia network in the past 12 months—most of them at Liverpool Street station, transport operators reported this week.

Unlucky Fridays are the worst, Network Rail warned.

Now transport bosses have begun a safety campaign urging passengers to watch their step after end-of-year statistics revealed 290 people were involved in slips, trips or falls in the Anglia rail region alone. Liverpool Street had 68 accidents.

Network Rail general manager Steve Knight said: “A combination of more people carrying Christmas shopping, trailing wheelie suitcases, wet and windy weather and travelling late after parties makes December a time when more people take a tumble.

“We’ll be doing what we can to keep concourses dry and signposting lifts for those with heavy luggage.”

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More than 3,000 people have been involved in accidents on Britain’s railways, including 1,488 slipping on the concourse, 1,120 falling down stairs, 899 slipping over on the platform and around 500 falling on escalators. Another 400 fell when running for a train, while 614 were hurt while carrying luggage.

Fridays were the most common day for a slip, trip or fall, with 1,158 incidents mostly between 5pm and 2.30am.

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