Petition calls for pop-up loos to stop Brick Lane being used as a street toilet

John Biggs (left) with councillors Abdul Mukit and John Pierce launching petition for pop-up loos in

John Biggs (left) with councillors Abdul Mukit and John Pierce launching petition for pop-up loos in Brick Lane - Credit: TH Lab Pty

The famous Brick Lane curry mile in London’s East End is being spoilt by visitors using it as a street toilet.

Now Labour’s candidate for Tower Hamlets Mayor is calling for pop-up loos to be provided after furious families caused a stick over the issue.

London Assembly’s John Biggs, who goes head-to-head against current Mayor Lutfur Rahman at the polls in May for the top Town Hall job, joined Labour Opposition councillors this morning to launch a petition to improve street sanitation.

The campaign follows a flush of complaints about urinating in the street.

“This petition makes sure the current Mayor knows the depth of feeling in the community,” he said. “Hopefully it gets action—clean streets really matter to residents and businesses.

Households have been confronted by anti-social activity at night in the areas around Brick Lane and Shoreditch fringe.

The residents, including one local councillor, have complained about opening their front-door to find people using the street as a toilet.

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Cllr Abdul Mukit, whose Weavers ward includes Brick Lane, revealed: “It’s really unpleasant for me and my neighbours living near the top of Brick Lane to find people urinating on our doorstep.”

He has raised the issue at the Town Hall several times, but claims the current Mayor refuses to respond or take action.

Some residents try challenging the culprits, but say they get ignored or even shouted at.

Cllr John Pierce, who also represents Weavers ward, said: “The council could easily provide pop-up loos for visitors. Other local authorities like Hackney and Westminster have been doing this for years.”

The online petition calls on Tower Hamlets council to install temporary toilets as a first step.

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