Petrol prices won’t just hit drivers, but all of us

Dear Ed... THE New Year sees more pain at the pumps for drivers, with rises in fuel duty and VAT adding around 4p to the cost of a litre of petrol or diesel.

But these increases don’t just hurt the driver and our hard-pressed haulage industry. They lead to price rises at the shops for everyone.

David Cameron complained before the General Election about how the previous Labour government had hammered drivers with various taxes.

He would do things very differently and “make life easier for families facing sky-high motoring bills.” He even indicated that he could help families by cutting fuel taxes when global fuel prices rise.

It is time to take Mr Cameron at his word. The Association of British Drivers calls on the Government to scrap above-inflation fuel duty rises set for the next three years, and also plans for road pricing for lorries. We should all contact our MP at the House of Commons.

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Brian Macdowall

Campaign Director,

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