Pigs fed food waste at Stepney City Farm will be used for big feast

Katharine Sharp feeds the pigs at Stepney City Farm

Katharine Sharp feeds the pigs at Stepney City Farm - Credit: Archant

An upcoming feast featuring Stepney City Farm reared pork will highlight the benefits of feeding pigs food waste.

Over the last seven months the farm has been rearing eight pigs on food sourced from local food retailers and producers, that would otherwise have been composted or sent to landfill.

Next month the pigs will be slaughtered, cooked by top chefs and eaten at a big dinner in Trafalgar Square on November 21, an event which forms part of The Pig Idea campaign.

The Pig Idea, organised by Feeding the 5,000 in partnership with Wahaca Mexican Restaurants, aims to restore public confidence in the environmentally friendly practice of feeding surplus food to pigs.

To find out more about The Pig Idea and the feast go to thepigidea.org.

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