Pitch black street at Truman Brewery to raise awareness of blind challenges

A pitch black street is being created in the heart of the East End last week to illuminate people as to the challenges facing blind and partially sighted people.

The three day mock-up street, at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, is being built as part of national Guide Dogs Week between Friday and Sunday this weekend.

Rob Harris, from vision charity Guide Dogs in London, said: “This is a huge opportunity for people to take part in an experience that will heighten their senses and allow them to experience walking through London in complete darkness.”

For those feeling particularly adventurous, there will be the chance of heading out into busy Brick Lane behind a blindfold and seeing if they can complete everyday tasks like ordering coffee.

For more information, contact Rob Harris on 0118 983 8867 or robert.harris@guidedogs.org.uk.

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