Plans to put missiles at Bow Quarter during Olympics confirmed today by MoD

The Ministry of Defence has today confirmed plans to place missiles on top of a residential block in Bow to protect the Olympics against a 9/11 style terrorist attack.

The MoD issued a statement on Tuesday saying ground-based air defence systems will be placed at six sites around London, including Bow Quarter in Farrfield Road, which were tested by the military earlier in the year.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said: “Whilst there is no reported threat to the London Olympics, the public expects we put in place a range of measures aimed at ensuring the safety and security of this once-in-a-generation event.

“Ground-based air defence systems will form just one part of a comprehensive, multi-layered air security plan which, I believe, will provide both reassurance and a powerful deterrent.”

The announcement came after campaigners against the plans marched through Mile End and Bow in protest last Saturday. Campaigners from the Stop the Olympic Missiles campaign, including former Bow Quarter resident Brian Whelan, say residents were not consulted properly about the plans.

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Mr Hammond said: “We have undertaken a wide programme of engagement with the communities affected. “These have shown that, while people understandably have questions and concerns which we have sought to answer, broadly speaking communities are supportive of our work.”

Residents in Leytonstone have initiated a legal challenge against the MoD’s plans to place missiles on their block.

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