Playtime in the East End

KIDS celebrated national Playday with new playgrounds for East End estates last week.

Play Association Tower Hamlets has produced a map showing newly refurbished parks, adventure playgrounds and City farms where children can go and staff joined children at new playgrounds on Spitalfields estates, including at Brune House in Bell Lane, officially opened by housing association East End Homes on Thursday.

Amy Little, senior campaigns officer at Play England, said: “We know from our own research and from speaking to children, parents, and other adults, that children need freedom and space to play in their own communities, and communities want that to happen.

“Sadly today’s children don’t have the freedom and space to play enjoyed by their parents and grandparents before them, and that’s something we’re campaigning to change.

“Playday is an opportunity to get people talking about the issue, to get communities together to support children’s play, and most of all to have a lot of fun in the process.”

The new play map can be downloaded from the Play Association Tower Hamlets web site