Poplar and Limehouse candidates in the General Election

VOTERS in the newly created Poplar and Limehouse constituency have a choice of ten parliamentary candidates to choose from. They include well established politicians and newcomers to politics, with three independents. Its an exciting fight as it is a

VOTERS in the newly created Poplar and Limehouse constituency have a choice of ten parliamentary candidates to choose from.

They include well established politicians and newcomers to politics, with three independents. Its an exciting fight as it is a target Conservative seat strongly contested by Labour, which held the old seat, with Respect's George Galloway contending it and the addition of the Lib Dem's Nick Clegg effect.

Conservative: Blackwall and Cubitt Town councillor Tim Archer has made his name as a hard-working local politician, taking up issues on behalf of constituents.

The 35-year-old has already fought one general election in east London , coming second to the incumbent Jim Fitzpatrick. The former manager for Barclays bank has lived on the Isle of Dogs for 11 years and chose to fight in the East End - a traditionally tough option for the Conservatives, rather than contest a 'safe' Tory seat.

One of his key priorities is housing and education along with crime and anti-social behaviour and he wants to see more safer neighbourhood police on the streets outside office hours when there is more likely to be anti-social behaviour.

Labour: Food and Farming Minister Jim Fitzpatrick, 58, has been Poplar and Canning Town's MP for the last 13 years.

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A former firefighter for 23 years and Fire Brigade Union activist Mr Fitzpatrick has always been interested in politics and has a steely determination. His priorities include housing, employment, public services, health and policing.

Two years ago he went to Bangladesh on the Voluntary Service Overseas scheme for MPs and passed on tips about lobbying to local health groups.

Last year he spoke out about segregation at the London Muslim Centre and fired a broadside against the Islamic Forum of Europe which he believes has a 'stranglehold' over the centre.

Liberal Democrat : Broadcaster and journalist Jonathan Fryer, 59, has supported Liberal politics since he was at school. A freelance journalist has reported for the BBC and Reuters and has written for numerous publications including the Guardian and Independent. He became a Quaker whilst covering the Vietnam War, covered the apartheid era in South Africa until he was banned and has more recently reported on Europe.

He is chairman of the London Liberal Democrats and has been helping other candidates with their campaigns.

Mr Fryer has fought three general elections - Chelsea, Orpington and Leyton and has also contested European elections.

A Mile End resident Mr Fryer has been mugged twice near his home in the last 18 months and was injured slightly in one of the attacks.

Respect : Seasoned campaigner George Galloway, 55, is relishing the battle against his fellow West Ham supporter Jim Fitzpatrick.

Like his fellow Scot Mr Galloway was originally elected as a Labour MP but was expelled from the Labour party in 2003 over his uncompromising stance against the Iraq war. He stood against Labour's Oona King in Bethnal Green and Bow and won by a majority of 823.

He is unrepentant about his famous red cat suited appearance on Big Brother which raised his profile.

Galloway is also unflinching in his campaigning for the Palestinians in Gaza and opposition to the war in Iraq. He believes Mr Fitzpatrick has given him a gift in his comments about segregation at a Muslim wedding and that the recent Channel 4 Dispatches programme alleging that the Islamic Forum of Europe has plans to infiltrate local politics will bring him votes.

Independent: Property developer Mohammed Aminul Hoque stood for election as an independent in the 2005 election at Poplar and Canning Town. His top three priorities are housing, employment and combating drugs which he has seen destroy lives of people in East London.

His aims include working towards policies that will allow to build large family homes, youthclubs, centres and clinics to help addicts to overcome their addictions, and get rid of drugs and gang culture off from our streets.He was opposed to the war in Iraq but believes if the British army pulls out immediately there would be chaos

The 33-year-old lives on the Isle of Dogs and was a student at Langdon Park School.

UKIP: Wayne Lochner spent 20 years in business in the Far east and returned to the UK as a director of public and private City businesses, with some of them listed on the Stock Market. He now lives and works in Canary Wharf .

He said he decided to stand for UKIP as he is appalled by the EU regulation of the City and Canary Wharf, alleged infiltration of Tower Hamlets council by the Islamic Forum of Europe.

He wants to give voters who are fed up by the big three parties a voice and also fight for local issues including EU fisheries policies forcing the discarding of fish to meet quotas which affect traders at Billingsgate Fish Market.

Independent Kabir Mahmud, 41, is an occupational therapist. The Mile End resident studied at Tower Hamlets College before going on to university. He has also campaigned on issues including housing, health, social care, human rights and equalities for everyone - particularly disabled and elderly people. He is also concerned about youth development, leaseholder issues, immigration, community saferty and community cohesion.

Mr Mahmud is also anti war and also believes in resolving conflicts peacefully. He has pledged if elected to hold six monthly meetings to report back to constituents.

English Democrat: Businessman Andrew Osborne, 48, has lived on the Isle of Dogs since 1993 and runs a business selling office equipment in Poplar.

A newcomer to politics he wants to see an English Parliament for England with the same powers as Scotland's Parliament and to scrap English regional assemblies and to slash the size of central government departments with taxes decided locally.

He is also opposed to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr Osborne is also concerned with crime and has given chase to would-be burglars who tried to break into a neighbour's property and earned himself two days in hospital for his pains.

Green: Chris Smith, 42, is waging war on the number of empty properties in the East End and would like to see businesses encouraged to move into vacant premises to help revitalise the community. He also wants to slash "waste incompetence" and to offer residents free home insulation to help slash their heating bills.

The Bethnal Green resident is also running for council as a Green candidate for Bow West. He has worked as a television producer and as a home energy auditor helping people to green up their heating. He got involved in green issues about eight years ago also set up the ecotube website.

Independent: Jim Thornton has served as a councillor on East Herts council, deciding to become an independent in 2007, setting up East Herts People which attracted other independents.

He has written about his experiences in a manual for independents, called Independents for East Herts and is now on the national executive of the Independent Network, an umbrella group for independent candidates nationwide.

He specialises in property management, investment and development and his family owned a business in Shadwell.